In the beginning there was a thought…

Hello wonderful yet confusing and sometimes unpleasant world! I am one of 6.989 billion people out there, and unfortunately some say I have a doppelganger or two running around, so my looks aren’t completely unique, however it’s safe to say my thought process is! And for the small percentage of people who have access to the internet and will stumble across this blog, you will get to read some interesting things.

My Mission:

  1. Write in it (I have this tendency to preoccupy myself with other things, namely 9gag and my growing library or miscellaneous literature. Also friends. Friends are great for preoccupation, and I really like them all)
  2. Play Philosopher (We all do this, either unconsciously or not. As long as one thinks, and dreams, one is attempting to understand the world, to make sense and discover one’s place. I’m thinking this blog will be a good place for me to clear my head of thoughts to make room for more)
  3. Be entertaining? (I love when people smile. It automatically makes you beautiful. However, I must warn you audience, I’m accidentally funny, I don’t try to be entertaining I just sometimes am)
  4. To provide a place for “friends” to share comments (thinking this will stop the annoying tweets about what I say in public)

Time can only tell if I will be able to follow through with these goals. However, it was one of my new year’s resolutions to start a blog, so with this first post, I automatically win! (*cue maniacal laughter)

Another warning for you dear audience, this blog is basically going to be an archive of my thoughts, and a lot of my thoughts will be strange, may make no sense, or will be just downright random. However, I enjoy attempting to articulate myself with words so I will try my best to make this blog comprehensible.


Stephanie Buosi


3 thoughts on “In the beginning there was a thought…

  1. Stephhhh, this is really well written. I think you will be a great blogger. Keep them coming! I like reading about other people’s lives. I’m cool like that.

    I laughed hard at the admission “I am accidentally funny.” Sort of like “Hi, I’m Steph. I want to name my first child after you!”

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