I heard the song first

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

Supposed to be sung out loud, its a mantra that will connect your consciousness to God. Sounds pretty far-fetched to non-spiritual people I suppose, but to be honest, i started reading a small text called “Chant and be Happy,” which is about Krishna consciousness and the mantra, and I’m intrigued. I have to admit, my interest was purely secular at first, I watched a documentary about George Harrison and learned some really surprising things! (The winner being that he had a cameo in Monty Python’s Life of Brian) But Harrison was a plain-clothes devotee of the Krishna movement and would chant this for hours. He told stories of chanting it with John Lennon on a sailboat of Greece for six hours straight, in planes, in cars, on streets… the movement was apparently huge during the sixties (believable, since the hippie movement was all about a higher awareness, either through sex, drugs or spiritual mantra)

What came to my mind was: how and why is this mantra so influential?

And then I listened to Harrison’s Hare Krishna Mantra (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LI1xxPB0FGU) and its catchy, and happy! And then i started finding parallels, because really, all religions and spiritual institutions have similarities, they basically aim for the same goal but in different ways, which is fine, i mean to each their own right?) Example, Buddhist monks chanting “Om” or even the “Hallelujah” Christian hymn. Essentially: music as a way to gain a higher consciousness.

So I’m thinking of going to one of the weekly Krishna consciousness celebrations here in Ottawa, apparently they offer free vegetarian food so what’s the harm? All I need to do is hide this new found interest from my overly devotional Italian Catholic parents and I should be fine. I’m thinking if they knew, it would only reinforce their opinion of me as their wayward daughter. (My father might even call me a pagan again, which is actually a funny story on its own) Perhaps my exploration in Krishna consciousness is than just another attempt to irritate my parents?

 I like to think it’s me broadening my horizons, opening my mind even further and relating to more people. Gathering knowledge in order to combat prejudice. If you really think about it, understanding is the cure to prejudice, and racism. It stems from a background of fear and an inability to relate. People tend to be hostile in situations they feel threatened, and when one is confused, one attempts to protect themselves. 

But now I’m ranting. I don’t quite get how this turned into an attempt to understand the stupidity of racism, but hey, that’s the beauty of free running thoughts. Anyhow, I promise dear audience that I will check out one these celebrations and blog my heart out about my enlightening experience. If anything it will be a critique of the supposedly delicious vegetarian food. (As advertised on my green information pamphlet) 


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