A Side-note concerning Valentine

I’m really happy today. I’m single and “alone,” but really happy. I woke up after dreaming of Valentine’s Day chocolate, to a sweet “I love you” text from my mother. And that’s when I realized that I could be happy on Valentine’s Day. I suppose it all started with my mother. Every year when I lived at home, I would wake up to chocolates beside my bed, or a cute little stuffed animal. So gift giving and love was always experienced, even though I’ve never had a significant other to share Valentine’s Day with.

It doesn’t matter.

Yesterday night I stayed up making a couple Valentine’s Day cards for a few friends who I care about. And I realized that I too was celebrating Valentine’s Day in its purest form: the celebration of love.

I’m going to quote the bible here, please bear with me dear audience: Love is patient, love is kind, and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant…” I heard this a lot as a child. I used to alter-serve at weddings to get a little extra spending money. Yes, my motives were a little selfish, but I was a kid, and there are really only a few jobs we could do that aren’t considered child labour here in Canada. Anyway, there is no clear definition of love. And Valentine’s Day SHOULD NOT BE STEREOTYPED!

Ahhh! It makes me so mad when I walk through stores, or watch the media advertise Valentine’s Day as this exclusive event just for couples! Even in the movies, TV shows, it’s like it’s ingrained in our minds that Valentine’s day can only be celebrated if we have a partner; that Valentine’s day is just for 2. So the rest of us single people are left to feel miserable and left out. We make up events like, “Single’s appreciation day” to counteract the “exclusiveness” that is Valentines, and poke fun and dismiss February 14th. BUT NO! Share ALL the love! (My new Valentine’s Day slogan) We are all allowed to partake in Valentine’s Day. We can all dress up and feel great, and go out and buy chocolates for ourselves, or give our friend’s cards, and presents, and whatever.

We are not forever alone. We are never forever alone, and Feb 14th should never make us feel this way. Love is universal. Love is the one concept that every single person on this earth understands in some way or form. It is the one theme that connects all of humanity, and it has been with us, (as a feeling, a chemical reaction, or however one wishes to think) since our creation (or evolution or whatever).

In my opinion, this is what Valentine’s Day is about, dear audience. Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to reflect on love. On past love, and on our present relationships with our family and friends. It is a day to remember that this wonderful feeling is available to us, and one day, maybe we too will find a significant other. However, I want to stress that, that is not the important aspect of Valentine’s Day.

So with this post, I hope I have converted a few hearts to my way of thinking. So I wish you, my dear audience, a very Happy Valentine’s Day, and hope that you decide to spend the day with the people you love. Be it family, friends or lovers.



One thought on “A Side-note concerning Valentine

  1. You are so right darling. Love is for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, for the poor to the rich. Love is God! God created Love and it is to be shared with everyone! I LOVE YOU…..

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