Fam Jam and Brains

So my brother visited me recently, actually he left just this morning. It was really nice. There’s only one thing I would have changed about the whole visit and that would be the Yummy Sushi fail. They lied to us!!! They said they’d be open, Tuesday-Sunday, 11-10, we go on Tuesday, and they’re closed! I was so disappointed. My poor naive brother (who had yet to try the deliciousness that is Yummy Sushi) told me to suck it up and relax. We went next door and spent the same amount on money, but on less sushi. No place compares to an All You Can Eat restaurant. It just put me in a bit of a mood for a bit, and yes I know that it’s ridiculous, but honestly, I just wanted the whole visit to be smooth and great. I also wanted to make up for the crappy Ottawa weather we’ve been having. Spring just doesn’t want to come it seems.


There are many places I can take this blog post now. I can talk about my bro, the relationship we have, with a broader theme of family. But honestly, that’s a little too private and I’m not sure if I’m in the mood to share tonight. Cross your fingers that next time I’ll write tipsy, then I’ll probably get into some embarrassing life stories or something.


I can talk about the joy that is Ottawa, this city and the many things to do here. But honestly, its winter, the most we do is play hermit indoors, while wearing fluffy socks and drinking chai tea. There really isn’t too much to do during the day except explore the museums. Which is a great idea! You know, learning and everything. (I’m not being sarcastic)


Or I can just ramble on like I’m doing now as I really have no idea where to go from here. Sometimes the mind’s just like that. You can have moments where your brain is swimming an ocean of vastly deep thought, so absorbed and full of concentration that reality seems to fall away. I like when that happens. I find that I get into these moments when I am actually, literally swimming in the school’s pool. Such a great form of exercise, plus there’s something really entrancing about cutting through water. Your body becomes weightless, and in a strange sense, you are flying. Other times you just can’t seem to do anything but focus on what’s in front of your face. And you search and poke your brain cells, urging them to come with something witty and inspiring, but they just tell you to bugger off.


That’s why its nice to have someone around to bounce ideas off of. Someone that sparks conversation and discussion. Someone who is purposefully contradictory. And that is who my big bro is. We had some pretty good, deep conversations on our voyages out on Ottawa’s cold and snow dusted streets.


Oh, but here’s the best thing about brains, and thoughts and all that! So today I was at my practicum, (I’m a history student, and for my practicum, me and the other students are processing the many files of Professor Emeritus Douglas Anglin. He gave Carleton University boxfuls of fascinating research and information concerning Africa.) and I was processing, flipping pages, making notes of the dates, and reading snippets of information. When suddenly, BAM! A eureka moment. It was awesome. I had been struggling with a paper recently, spending most of my reading week trying to come up with a thesis and a sense of direction, when out of NO-WHERE it comes to me.


My brain trolls me. When I give it attention, it ignores me. When I go mindless, it springs into action and comes up with exactly the right thoughts I need.


Maybe that’s why I like drinking beer; revenge against stubborn brain cells… that was my attempted joke of the day.




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