Something to Try (Reflection of my Weekend)

Disclaimer! The first few paragraphs are not about me, mom and dad, so no worries! (Also, I’m being completely honest father and mother, I’m just writing the first two paragraphs as a stimulant, to get the brain juices flowing)


Something to try and something not to try. What not to try would be obvious. Don’t try to get into a bar without proper id. It won’t work. If the bouncer decides to risk his neck (and his job) to let a random into the bar, (who is drunk) then the end of the world is probably coming, or this bouncer is insane. So yeah, don’t try to get into a pub/club without the proper id. This did not happen to me Saturday, but it did happen to me once upon a time. This was embarrassing, because I had forgotten my id sober.


Something not to try? Don’t ever try to make chicken noodle soup when you come home and your slightly intoxicated. Hence you wish the results to be noodles split on the floor, and sticky soup stickying up your counters. Also, the piles of dishes still in the sink, beckoning to ruin your morning because they scream, “clean me,” definitely aren’t worth it.


What is worth it, is planning an awesome clothing swap/pre-drink party for a semi-fun time at pier 21 (a Ottawa Pub). I say semi-fun at Pier 21, because it would have been even more fun if everyone was able to go (although considering circumstances, completely understandable, also it was cold last night, which really wasn’t fun) and if the Dj was better, it probably also would have been a slightly better time. But overall, it was still a great night with the girls (and a few of the guys). When you are out painting the town red with a group of your close friends, you could end up in a sketchy MacDonald’s and still have a great, hilarious time. The secret to a fun night, alas, is not the place (although that helps) but the people.


Another, something to try: do invite guys to your clothing swap. And do encourage them to extend the boundaries of social convention. Watching your close guy friends strut around in clothes way too tiny, tight, and bright, I guarantee will bring a smile to your face.


Overall, I’d say the night was a perfect demonstration of the difference in interests between the male and female population. Of course I can’t make any generalities, but it’s safe to say that most girls value the material world of clothes and fashion way above most men. However, it was tres interesting to turn an event usually marked as “girls only,” into a unisex fiasco. And I use the word fiasco in the best way possible. It was a fun fiasco, the pictures say it all.



Shoutout: From Left to Right: Christina Mansour, Caleigh DiNicolantonio, Me, Lily Gomes, Maghen Quadrini, Hans Zhan, Jackie Chen, Tina Le, Melissa Foong

You girls (and guy +the three that are missing from this picture) really made my night. Thank you!

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