Finger Paint

This is going to be really random, but I just can’t take it anymore. My brain has been turning over analytical paragraph, pulling intellectual phrases out of thin air, and combining them with proofs and quotations in an attempt to finish my Historical theory essay, from 11 this morning to just about the start of this blog post at 5:20. Basically, I think my power brain needs a nice break of me just being creative. And weird. I really need to have some weird thoughts right now. I’ve been attempting to make sense all day and now I remember why I never wait until the last minute to write an essay. I’m just too lazy to do it all at once. Well, maybe not lazy, but definitely my brain was screaming for a break.

So my weird blog topic of the day: Painted fingernails. Yup. I have no idea how I feel about painted finger nails. I was in class yesterday and one of my classmates raised her hand to give her opinion. And as a lot of us intellectuals do, we use our hands (slightly, or excessively depending on your nationality) to bring further attention to ourselves. At least that’s my opinion on the wild hand motion while talking thing. Make your opinion more interesting by providing hand gymnastics. Anyhow, she was waving her hands about and I noticed her bright aqua nails. At first I thought, Wow, what a colour! I kind of like that colour! Than I thought, Wow, it’s a little weird how the only colourful thing on her body is the nail polish, it looks so unnatural. So then I wrote down this sentence in my little purple book of thoughts to ponder about later: “I don’t know how I feel about nail polish.”

Basically what my mind connected this to was notions of beauty and what our society deems acceptable for beautification of the body. For example, we paint our nails, pierce or tattoo our bodies, and paint our faces in order to look a little nicer. I’m not being a hypocrite here, I pierce/tattoo/ paint my face too. But the nail thing… well I dunno. It just seems time consuming now and I don’t know how I feel about painting my nails. Too me, natural looks better but hey, its an opinion thing I suppose.

Anyway, I went on to think about historic societies, and what they considered to be beautiful. With China, for example, there was the practice of binding the feet, because small feet were considered beautiful. I would have had to have crushed my feet than because I’m a size 9. In Japan, before they reopened the doors to foreigners and really began to cultivate relations with the West, women used to shave their eyebrows off and paint them, and they used to blacken their teeth. And what about in Europe? Most of us are already well aware of the corsets and the attempt to give the illusion of a ridiculously tiny waist.

Most of these practices were harmful to the body. I mean, corsets would cause pelvis’ to deform and then the women would die in childbirth, foot binding would cripple the women so they couldn’t walk, and blacking the teeth with lead powder? Well that’s poison, a.k.a not good. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere too that in cheap nail polish solutions, there’s a chemical that can weaken nail enamel. A lot of our beauty practices seem to be harmful to our bodies, I have to wonder why society encourages this. And its all of us too, and we really have no choice in the matter. We were born thinking beauty had something to do with painting nails, faces, and such, and this is now our mentality.

Makes me wonder what our future notions of beauty will be. I mean, already in the present there is a fuss going on (finally) about photo shopping photographs for magazine ads. No longer do we see these ads and think beauty, now we think “fake,” “unnatural,” “jealousy.”

I think it would be a good exercise for all of us to re-evaluate what is considered beautiful in our lives. I can already sense that this is happening to me with the whole idea of nail-polish. Who knows what I will end up concluding. Maybe I’ll do a complete 180 and go back to painting my nails every day. Because, now that I think about it, painting nails could also be viewed as an expression of creativity… I don’t know. Ugh, I think it’s time I went back to the mental exercise of writing my essay. I think the strain will be a little less than evaluating my opinion about nail colour.


See what I mean: Creative expression! Although in my opinion this should stay as a “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” entry.


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