The Lethargic Weekend of A Happy Belly

So this past weekend was Easter weekend, a time of family, good food, chocolate, and for the religious, it is a time of piety and prayer. For me, it was the opportunity to reassert my place as the favoured first daughter of the Buosi (my) family. My sister claims the favoured second daughter position. Nothing had really changed all that much, and for that I was pretty grateful. It’s always a little disorienting when I go to home to visit the fam jam and there’s new furniture, or hardwood floors, or my old room is taken over by the other two females of the house. That was an interesting surprise, to feel like you’re a guest in your own old bedroom. But my family was healthy and relatively happy, which was great.


So the first night, I arrived to a feast of fish, then the next day there was a feast of…well actually I don’t remember, but it was really good. There was lamb for Easter, and steak for my final night in Brampton. All in all, although my mother’s food makes my face breakout (too much oil and meat I guess) it made me very happy… and sleepy. Hence, no work was done this past weekend.


What I enjoyed the most, however, was finding myself perfectly at ease with my long-time friends. I must admit, in the past, when I visited, I did feel slightly…off when hanging out with my bramptonian sisters. I suppose it’s because I was so out of the loop from the drama, and events that had been occurring since I left. I know that they didn’t want to give me any special treatment, which I appreciate, but it was always hard to participate or relate to conversations involving strangers. But this time was different. I don’t know what changed, maybe a general acceptance of circumstances, and of the fact that I would never really, truly understand what was going on in Brampton while I was away. But this time I just relaxed, and enjoyed their company, and their stories, and especially their laughter.


Yes, I was exhausted, and yes I wanted to hit the hay three hours before everyone else because being a student has made me a granny when it comes to sleep habits, but I wouldn’t trade a single tired minute of Friday night for all of my mother’s delicious cooking. And if you had ever tasted my mother’s cooking, well you would understand that what a big deal that is.


I did, however, miss Ottawa, and my friends, and my active lifestyle. The biggest wish I would have would be to incorporate my two homes better. I wish I could introduce my Brampton family (which includes my dearest old friends), with my Ottawa family (who are my dearest new friends) I think everyone would get along swimmingly. I wish some brilliant scientist would hurry up and invent a teleporter (I would do it, but math is my mortal enemy) so I could visit Brampton a little more often and help my mom smile a little more; miss me a little less. I miss you too mom, I’m just good at bottling up my feelings. It’s a talent I’m not sure yet, if useful.


All in all, I enjoyed my visit, and would like to go visit Brampton again soon, I just wish I didn’t get so damn lethargic when I do. I felt like snorlax from the retro (and most awesome) pokemon series.  Basically I lounged around a lot on the couch with my cat, who remembered me!

But going back to Brampton, our any hometown, is important. It reminds you of your roots and  who you used to be. Yes, it can be hard to visit family for such a short time. And for me, I feel torn, because on one hand I get to spend time with the people I love, But on the other hand, I am away from the life that I have created for myself as an adult. Brampton is easy; my food is made for me, there are no confusing relationships to deal with, and I get to actually sleep in. But this kind of lifestyle is something I chose to give up for higher education or for the next step of my life, essentially. It is a decision I live with daily, and it has its good points and bad.



So, why am I doing this again?




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