Money makes me Mad

Sounds about right...


Saw this on 9gag, and it just got my blood boiling. Its obvious why the punishment for both men is so drastically different, and that is the obvious difference of monetary status. With money comes power, and corruption. If you read the rest of the news clipping, there’s a blurring of lines between black and white. What is right and what is wrong? One man is selfish, the other is desperate. I just hate how there’s is no sympathy for this poor homeless man.


Although, I must also admit that there is very little context in these two stories. I don’t know the date of the second news clip, for example, and yes, we don’t know the full story of the first clip either. But what’s plain is the special treatment money provides. This really grinds my gears and makes me hate capitalism and society. It makes me wish that I could seriously just run away to one of the nomadic tribes in the Saharan desert and live a semi-free life.


When did money become such a drive for human beings? As a historian, I should be able to answer this question. The thing that comes to mind is the indulgences the Catholic Church used to sell during the 15th century. People were told they could save souls by paying money, and the church built more churches with that money. And palaces, and robes, and food, and servants for the bishops, who became like princes… ugh. Money was given such power: the power to save souls. In my opinion, it just corrupts.


But its a necessary evil in this society… I realize that I’m sounding a little like a hippie right now.


I just don’t see what’s wrong with having JUST enough to live a nice, happy live. What the hell am I supposed to do with a mansion with 30 rooms? They’ll stay empty, they’ll be useless. Sure there’s the good food, and the ritsy places I could afford to go to, but for some odd reason these don’t seem like necessities. Maybe it’s because of my student mentality, and the fact the I live on the cheap side, but I can’t see myself really finding any of this fulfilling.


Okay, so now I’m sounding a lot like a hippie. Meh.


Anyhow, the above two news clips just burned me up. I really don’t know what to think of the jury system and what is considered to be justice. A good lawyer could probably argue the devil into a saint. What is justice? Justice is an opinion, and the judge is just human and susceptible to the awesomely dangerous power of money. 15 years for 100 dollars, compared to 3 years for 3 billion… I officially have no faith in society right now.




P.S. Again, I admit that I don’t know the whole story behind the story of these two men and their crimes. My post is just an emotional response. My blood was boiling quite intensely.



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