Ugh! And Dreaming!

God damn it! I hate being sick with a cold. Yes, i know that having a cold is probably the weakest illness to have, because its common, and you can’t die from it, and I’ll definitely get better… but at this moment, Ugh. I feel like I’m half here. The worst part about right this moment is that I feel like the only sense of the 6 that works properly is my sense of touch. And that’s because colds don’t affect your nerves (or else I would be a little more worried and a lot less whiny.)

Heads full of cotton, nose is like a broken tap, ears are constantly ringing and I haven’t been dancing next to a speaker so this is unacceptable. The room spins every now and then, and I’m having really strange thoughts and dreams. Stranger than usual. Actually, they’re quite fun so I’ll write down a few:

a)I was baking cookies but they kept burning so I flipped a table and declared myself the worst baker in the world. My sister was laughing in the background.


b) I was pregnant with twins and kept telling people to feel my stomach. I was also ridiculously happy about being pregnant while still in school (super weird since I flinch when even thinking about having kids) and I was at a recreational center with twenty other people killing zombies incompetently. I kept trying to hit one with a wooden board but it wouldn’t die, it just bounced off his head. I was too weak to take it down. But no worries, eventually I did, it just stood there mostly. Also, I think we all found out after that they weren’t zombies but just really slow, odd, people.


c) This one was bad, I had a dream that a good friend died. I went to his wake and everything. (Why do they call it a “wake?” Is this supposed to be a pun? I mean, wake implies that the person is sleeping or something… Whatever the English language is weird) I would not cry, however. I was always on the verge, but I could not cry. Then, a friend said something to me, and I unleashed the waterworks. Woke up very scared, and texted my friend: “Text me if you’re alive.” He had no idea how to respond to this and I completely agree.


Dreams are so weird and wonderful at the same time, its mind blowing. I’ve done quite a bit of personal research into dream analysis to be honest, and totally agree with what Carl Jung has to say. Dreams are the master pieces of your sub-consciousness. Whatever you dream about has some sort of double meaning, and they’re full of symbols with archetypal significance.


I am a firm believer that what you dream has a direct link to your state of mind, thoughts, worries, stress…etc… you are experiencing the days before the dream. I just wish I was better at dream analysis, because I would love to know what dream a) means. Pretty sure dream b) is a commentary of my thoughts on pregnancy. On the one hand, I realize that birth and life is a beautiful thing, but to me, being pregnant would be the end of the world. Hence, the zombie apocalypse I had to deal with in the dream. Also, the fact that I was so incompetent at killing the zombie means that I believe I would not be able to handle the responsibility of having a child well. Or at all. However, the zombies turn out to be regular people, who are merely slow and odd. This leads me to believe that the threat of having a child is not as life destroying as I currently believe. In conclusion, this dream is telling me to relax and not worry about having kids, because every little thing is gonna be alright. So don’t worry. Be happy.

Just to clarify, I am not trying to insult the mothers of the world; I respect you all greatly because with my current mindset, there is absolutely no way I would be able to walk in your shoes and have a child. So in all sincerity, every good mother on this planet is a superwoman.


All in all, dreams are a valuable tool for the deconstruction of your inner turmoil and personality. If you have a hard time remembering dreams, here’s a tip: tell someone about it right away. Every other day my dear roommate Maghen graciously puts up with my dream storytelling. I know she really couldn’t care less, but she puts up with me anyway, and I am very grateful. Dream journals are also useful, but honestly, I too am a zombie in the morning, and there is no way I have the mental capacity to write down anything when I first wake up. My morning thoughts (if I don’t wake up crying from a death dream) are: Braaaaaainsss!!! (Actually it’s usually a curse word directed towards my alarm clock. Tomato Tomahto.)




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