New post, New Idea, New Challenge

So I apologize for not posting…for a long, long, time…sorry dear audience. I could blame writers block but actually i have been writing, just too lazy to transcribe things onto the computer. And then I went to Europe (More on that when I get the pictures on my computer)

Recently I came across something that made me want to finally post something again. Its a little different than what I normally post. I’m a writer (not published yet unfortunately, well at least not my fiction) and I came across something called “Flash Fiction Friday: A Writing Community Project” Each week there is a story prompt and a challenge, a word count and a deadline. It’s the perfect thing to get my lazy brain working again. So I completed this weeks challenge and will post my short story here, for you’re enjoyment. Please feel free to comment, but if it’s negative, at least be kind about it. Tell me what you think!

I will post the story following this one, here is the challenge:

Prompt: Tell us a story of lost treasure found in your own house. Is it luck or a curse? Fortune or failure? Heart warming or heart wrenching?
Genre: Any
Word limit: 1414
Due Date: Wednesday, July 18th at 9:00 p.m.

I might have gone a little off road with the prompt, but whatever, it’s not like I committed a crime or anything.


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