Flash Fiction! Round 2

Hey everyone, so this week the challenge was to find a book that you didn’t own, go to page 84 and take the first sentence to use as your first sentence in your next short story. So I went to a buddy’s house, picked up “Into the Wild,” and read: “Carl just got hungrier and hungrier.” Believe me I had quite a few ideas, one was really depressing though, and the other was a lot more chill and maybe a little too childish, I dunno. So I chose to write something in between.

I also want to talk about getting caught in the rain quickly. It happened to me the other day, and its fun if your not wearing white, which I was… Hiding under trees doesn’t help much either. In the end, donning a plastic bag shirt and just braving it out is pretty refreshing. I just wish I didn’t look like a drowned cat when I finally made it the closest coffee shop. So, advice: when venturing outdoors and it calls for rain, invest in umbrella, or wear black and enjoy the natural shower. Either’s good.

Prompt: Start your story with the first sentence from page 84 of a book you do not own and include a robbery in your story.
Word Limit: 1,400

Check out the next post for the story


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