I was late…

So I missed my deadline this week for the flash fiction project and I feel horrible. It just slipped my mind! I had the story almost ready to post, a few sentences missing because i just didn’t know how to write the last scene just yet. I stopped and took a shower, trying out different lines and words, then it flew from my mind altogether.

I’ll post it anyway, just for you, my dear audience.

On a brighter note, my friend/new roommate just came back to Ottawa from a long time away, in that far away place where all young adults want to travel to and through: Europe.  It’s so great to have her back, and the best part, I believe, is that everything seems right. It is as if she had never left us for a year. I really appreciate friendships like this because I know that they are strong, and that they will last. I was talking to a coworker today and she mentioned that she realized recently that she has some pretty great friends. And I realized that I too, have some pretty awesome friends as well. Its a pretty great feeling.

Anyway, here is the prompt:

Prompt: Tell us a tale about a nosy neighbor, and include the outcome of one of their routine snoop sessions. Let’s make this even more fun and include the following words in your story: Cellar, bottle, blinds, suitcase, and freezer.

Genre: Any your secretive little heart desires.

Word Limit: 1,500 words.

I will post the story following this one as usual. Enjoy!



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