To live is to write

It has been so long that I almost forgot the password to my blogsite…although given my track record with memory, that isn’t too hard to imagine.

New years this year was pretty awesome. Attempting to watch the ball drop in New York didn’t exactly pan out, but the fact that I was there with two of my best friends, in the city that never sleeps, the home of favourites such as Sex and the City and Friends, well it was pretty flippin’ spectacular.

I think this year should mimic that last/first day of the old/new year. WHo knows, maybe this year I will be published in somesort of online/print literary magazine (*insert dreamlike expression of happiness), and maybe this annoying slight skin irritation on my face will vanish… 

That last one will happen on its own, I’m sure, but I realize that productivity is the key to dream achievement. Unfortunately i have the determination of a sloth. I will get there eventually!

So, here are some resolutions, as it is obvious that my first post in the new year would include one or two:

1)Write more. I have been very very lazy. Although, I have also been very very busy. Hardest year of University, part-time job and social life seem to be eating away at my me/writing time. Well, lets try to change that shall we? And by we I mean me. Unless we include the Spirits.

So, I will attempt at least a bi-weekly blog post to start. When April is over, I will attempt to change that.

Also, I’ve started writing postcard shorts. They are fun, and fast, and it gets me writing so that’s great news!

2)Use my planner more. Yupp. I buy them and then stick ’em in my drawer. They shall only see the light of day once every blue moon, and then their owner gets her just deserts when she mixes up her plans, double books or forgets she has to work one day. Yupp, gonna actually use this new one. I swear-ith.

Okey! So, here’s something cool for this blog:

Went to the MET the other day (Metropolitan Museum of Art) and loved it! We only saw maybe 10% so subsequent trips are in order. Anyhow, there is a section that displays armor. English Medieval armor, Japanese Samurai armor, Turkish armor… these two sets I found to be extremely cool, and the story behind them slightly historically funny.



This armor belongs to Henry VIII when he was young.


And this was the armor he wore later in life, to the last battle he would ever be a part of. As you can see, he has grown a bit of a paunch. Why I find this hilarious, I’m not too sure. The poor guy was suffering from gout and pus filled boils. It was one of the reasons why it was saif that his second last wife; Kathryn Howard, refused to sleep with him. Maybe its the noticeable difference of the armor? Or the fact that its hard to imagine that the same man wore both sets at one point? Or maybe I’m just cruel.

Well, whatever the case, this I thought, was pretty cool.


P.S. Happy 2013 everyone! We survived the apocalypse!


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