AAAAAArrgh Zombies!

So it appears that for a while I too had fallen into the zombie craze, or perhaps I am still living the living nightmare… There is one sure fire way to realize when you have become too obsessed with something. When you dream about it. When I was sixteen I fell into playing WOW (World of Warcraft) until I had a dream about it. I cut it cold turkey after that. When something so permeates your everyday life that your subconscious starts to become effected, well then you know to take a step back.

One particular dream tends to give me goosebumps when I start to over analyse it:

I have just entered a building, about to take a seminar class, and there are both faces that I am familiar with, and others that are completely new. The seminar is a zombie offense class. “How to fight a zombie.” Unfortunately the class is interrupted before it can finish by a small horde of the walking dead. For some reason, this zombie fighting class lacks really effective weapons and our small group is forced to use whatever is available to defend ourselves.

Soon we are separated and running down halls, barring doors that remind me of my elementary school. The walls are white and the lights are that hazy yet warm yellow. At one point a few zombies break through and I am forced to go one on one with a pretty bland zombie. What I mean is, that this zombie has no recognizable features that could link it to any living human I knew, just your typical zombie. I kill it, but get nicked on my arm and hence, infected.

In this dream universe I have twenty four hours before I become a zombie. Knowing this, i decide to choose the honorable route. I say goodbye to any loved ones and then grab the shotgun to put a bullet through my brain.

Luckily I woke up before I killed myself.

This was the closest I ever got to a suicide dream and it was a pretty freaky experience. What was even freakier was that I wasn’t even afraid, but completely fine with it. In fact, the entire experience I was surrounded by this sense of calm and peace.

Death is supposed to be one of the most frightening experiences, and not even the act, but the thought of it. Its the one question that humans will never know: What happens after? This is why we create religion, and this is why we create zombies. The whole Zombie genre is a game with death. People are obsessed with survival, and the idea of reanimation can be fascinating.  The zombie symbolizes so many different aspects and ideas surrounding death. Death is ugly, and so is the zombie. Death is scary, and so can be the zombie. Death is not final? 

I can honestly tell you that zombies have brought me hours of entertainment and it’ll be hard to cut back, especially with that new movie “Warm Bodies” coming out soon. It looks both hilarious and ridiculous hence I am super excited. Yet, I can foresee a future where the zombie fascination will slowly die out of pop culture. Which may be for the best. I’m getting really tired of all my zombie dreams.




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