A quick postcard short about the scary side effect of lucid dreaming:

She advertised it to me so well; I could almost feel my heart quicken its beat.  The idea was so grand, and I had seen it before on the internet. Where else do we get our quirky facts and crazy ideas? She told me that she followed this site; the instructions were super easy. There was a warning I suppose, beware the shadows, and be strong of heart. Know thyself.  Or something along those lines.

I dismissed it as a pop-up; a scam, garbage. The site was an offshoot from this spiritual organization, borrowed by a blog site. That same night I decided to try.

Stay perfectly still. That was the key, apparently. It was difficult, there was this itch just under my collarbone that ruthlessly tempted me. But I managed. Each minute seemed to tick by slowly as I counted the sounds from the bedside clock. I kept my eyes closed and slowly my breathing calmed, the sounds began to fade to white noise.  The pressure on my chest was the first indication that this was wrong.

This wasn’t peaceful. I lifted my eyes and my vision focused to form the shapes that began to distort the cheerful visage of my bedroom. Impossible shadows littered the ceiling, condensing into forms that can only be compared to Hieronymus Bosch’s depiction of hell. The eyes that met with mine were red; blood red in a featureless black face. Its clawed arm extended to press down my chest.

I couldn’t move.

(I read about some scary experiences on line and in readers digest one. Convinced me quite quickly not to try this out)


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