Helping out a Dream- “The poetry of being alive”

As a 21 year old, i’m finding that my biggest, and most frightening challenge is my dream. As a child, you’re full of all these ideas, premised by “when i grow up…” well, lately I’ve come to realize (with the help of the occasional joint and neck aches) that I am pretty much a grown up. This means its time to try and make little Stephanie’s dreams, or at least one of them, come true. Or else what will happen? I’m not sure. There’s that fear that I will continue to drift in this bubble of the present that’s saturated with thoughts of the future, but no action.

There’s planning and then theirs agency. And damn, can the action part by difficult.

Recently, I’ve been given the chance to help a very dear friend achieve a dream of hers. The best part is: WE ALL CAN HELP HER!!!! and the better part is: ITS FOR A GREAT CAUSE!!!! She has the very awesome opportunity to go to Ghana this summer and work with Operation Groundswell, a non-profit organization intent on creating positive and lasting changes in communities. That last bit, about “lasting change,” I find most important in their goal. It’s easy to dig a well and provide water for a community. But what if its not maintained? What if you just dig and leave, and the well eventually becomes polluted?

Anyway, she has a fundraising goal before she can go and I believe that she can reach it, but it would be absolutely amazing, dear readers, if you could help. Any donation will help to make this dream a reality. 1$, 5$, 10$ it doesn’t matter as any amount means you relate with what I was talking about earlier and your down to help.

Dreams are scary things. But achieving one is absolute ecstasy.

So please, I ask you to at least check out this website:


p.s. keep reading! I posted my attempt at a poem:


Is About…the poetry of being alive


Growing up is about trying to fit the mould your parents have created for you. They pave the highway you are to follow; no pit-stops. It should be easy to fast forward, driving 130 miles and bypassing mistakes.

But stopping to make those mistakes is about learning who you truly are. Life is not perfect, otherwise wouldn’t nature reflect this? Instead the land is scared by natural disaster.

But natural disaster is about rejuvenation. The earth will always rise from the ashes, and we, who are belonging to the earth, have this strength within us if we search for it.

But searching is about dissatisfaction. The thirst to know more can never be quenched, it is a curse placed upon humanity since the fall of man; when they took the fruit out of desire.

But desire is about the determination to achieve. It is about the power of want, which can lead to success or failure.

But failure is about the world crashing down upon your shoulders, so heavy that you drop to the ground. Your days are filled with the terrible confidence ripping ability of doubt.

But doubt is about the quest. You must become the hero of your story and leave what was known to you; what created your confusion.  Failure has closed a door, and with Achilles’ strength you yank another open.

But open is about unleashing potential.

And potential is about looking up at the sky, and breaking free.


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