An Honest and Courageous Valentine

So there’s a lot of hate on Valentine’s day today, on twitter, facebook, on all the social media venues… to a person whose loved Valentine’s day her whole life (and she’s been single for all those Valentine’s days) its a little hurtful. I know that most is in jest, that some have been jaded, that others disprove of the commercial aspect that seems to dominate almost every holiday now…Valentine’s day is now a sappy, lusty, chocolatey say that seems to exclude part of the population no matter what…

Its unfair. I’ve always seen Valentine’s day as a day to express love. Its more than the cards and the chocolate and the red and ink hearts. Its about expression, and spending the day letting those special people know that you care. Valentine’s day can be a happy day for everyone, people just get too wrapped up in what popular culture has made it become.

When it gets down to it, Valentine’s day isn’t really only about love. Its about courage. Saint Valentine, the actual person, risked his life, going against roman authority to marry couples. Sure it was for love, it also helped young men avoid conscription into the roman army. Bottom line, he risked his life for something he believed in, and had the courage to follow through.

So maybe thats what Valentine’s day should be about. Really.

This is the first year that I have someone particularly special to spend the day with. It’s never happened before, this is a complete first for me and needless to say i’m a little scared. Hollywood, media, social media… there’s this expectation about how the day should go. But really, maybe I just need to focus on this new¬†perspectiveof Valentine’s day and work on my own courage. Then maybe I can tell my special someone how I really feel about him.

Cheers everyone, don’t let the lovey-dovey commercial crap get you down! Do something sweet for yourself, for a friend; show them that you care.

Happy (Saint) Valentine’s Day.



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