6 Months

How can six months pass by so soon? It feels as if it were just last morning when we lay in bed and together grabbed the courage to let loose our feelings. Six months of steadily shedding our shyness. Six months of learning what makes you laugh, how you tease, how to touch you so that smile of pleasure can blossom. Six months to recognize the little changes in your beautiful face that help me understand the times when you are worried, or want to say something but not sure how…or if you should.

Growing from friendship to love, you helped me recognize that what was in my heart was true. The questions I asked and wrote, to help me understand why I felt like bursting into song at random intervals of the day, or how I could actually see the silver lining of every dark cloud with you by my side. Why is it that you are able to calm my anxiety? Why is it that you are my rock on days that feel as though I am endlessly swimming a disturbed ocean, unable to stop for fear that exhaustion will pull me under? You grab my hand and lift me up.

The stories you read as a child, the ever fleeting idea that there is someone who helps to fill your soul and heart, I believe I can finally touch them. How is it that I have once lived a life not knowing you?

How is it that I am writing a love letter and actually finding the right words?




5 thoughts on “6 Months

  1. What a beautiful post! In just a few hundred short words your beautifully chronicle your relationship with this person and manage to describe the profundity of your feelings for them. Never having stuck around to the 6 month mark I am not quite sure how it goes but all the best to you and yours! ❤

    1. thank you so much. This is the first time I’ve reached 6 months as well, and it is a new and marvelous experience. I hope you will experience it too one day. Thank you for the comment, and all the best to you as well.

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