Some things change…

I went home to Brampton (GTA/ Greater Toronto Area) for Easter this weekend. My family is quite religious so it was expected of me. It was nice. Great food, and it was nice to see my family and some close friends. Yet, every time I visit the homestead there’s always some new feat or event or… something that surprises me. Relationships with friends change, and its interesting to see the changes that are occurring in their lives while you are gone. Its sad as well; makes me long to live closer. I begin to realize that although I still am their friend, I will always be associated with distance unless I move back home, or much closer. The fundamental essence of our friendship remains, but the details are changing.

I also seem to always forget that my sister is not a child anymore. She’s beginning to really take on the world and begin new adventures. Our sister-chill time has transformed from an imaginary world full of dolls and pillow forts, superpowers and superstars, to deep and heartfelt conversations. She tests my maturity now. She is also becoming a very concrete reminder that life is beginning to become so much more complicated. Far away, in Ottawa, I still retained this image of a sweet naive little girl; similar to the view I sometimes have of the world and society. Then I come home and see how she’s grown. Its a shocking experience.

Living life is hard.  You choose your path and I chose to study five hours away in Ottawa. I suppose one of the results of this is slowly loosing your past image of home. Every time I return my hometown (or rather, home-city) is literally   growing larger. Fields and forests that I used to delight in as a child, the horse ranch that I dreamed would one day take care of my future pony, all are being developed for cookie-cutter houses. I would like to say its not fair, but I don’t really have a say in a city I no longer live in.

The only thing that is certain in this world is change, and the fact that using a cliche in writing is corny, sorry about that. Thank god for those few people who will still fundamentally be there for me, despite the exterior changes. And thank god for all the new experiences, good and bad, that these changes bring. Life without it would be very boring after all.



One thought on “Some things change…

  1. only speaking for myself, I am sure your parents are proud of you. — that separation is the next step in an autonomy and a relationship as adult to adult. Good luck and thanks for stopping by – bw

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