Rejection the Frenemy

As I continue exploring the world of the writer, and all the good aspects and the stressful ones (such as finding publications that suit my style) I’m becoming more and more acquainted with the bitterness of rejection.

You create something you think is wonderful. You’re finally happy with the words on the page, you think your ending is snappy, your characters lovable, your idea is unique as you can create. Perhaps this isn’t the best way to describe it, but for me, its as if each time I submit a piece of my writing to a publication I am offering  a Valentine card to a potential lover. I subtly insert a piece of my heart, hoping that my card will be accepted. Then, when you get that “I’m sorry to inform you…” its as if something breaks inside.
It’s become easier overtime. At first, when I was first rejected it seriously cut my confidence as a writer. I even took a long hiatus, vowing to read more and study the craft of writing before trying again. It was a dark time, because I wasn’t writing at all. I had all these words and stories in my head and I was too afraid to write.
I’ve slowly come to the realization however, that I can’t let the fear rejection keep me from something that I love. There needs to be change of perception, I need to be able to at least treat rejection as a platonic friend; brush it off but still learn from the experience. When I reread my early work, I come to agree with whoever it was that rejected the piece. It’s not the best piece I’ve written. However, I recognize that life is an experience of growth. We age and we learn. I’m not sure what opportunities I will come across in the future, yet I know that my love of writing will never cease, and hopefully I will continue to grow as an artist.
Until I’ve reached my goals, I suppose I will have to work on my ego and take in the criticism and rejection, without letting it tear me apart.
Shoot for the stars! (Cyanide and Happiness)
Shoot for the stars! (Cyanide and Happiness)

7 thoughts on “Rejection the Frenemy

  1. I found ya on the interwebs! =) Now I’ll know when you have your book!
    Skimmed through some posts, and I’m intrigued!

    I have thought about writing for a long while (not in the “publishing” sense necessarily, but for my own sake), so talking to you in the store today definitely struck a chord and made me want to pick up my moleskin (and to find literary work from you online – I was curious enough!). Yes, I had even bought a moleskin to really motivate me out of my laziness and write down all the things I think I could write about – kind of like this blog, just a random memoir of random thoughts instead of being a journal of events.

    The rejection you mention here is perhaps something I experience myself. Every time I read something I have written a few years (or even months) earlier, I feel a degree of detachment to it. I feel I have changed, or simply that my writing sucked and I could do better in the present. It is a strange disapproval of my own creation that puts me in a state of discomfort – because when I had written that piece, I had indeed put a little piece of my heart in there too.

    Anyway, I am really glad I met you today! Not often do I meet people who appreciate cyanide and happiness 😛 Hope to catch you again when I pick up the sky-line/scape!

    1. Hello again! I must say that I’m flattered and happy that you find my work intriguing! I suppose that that’s ultimately my goal as a writer: to inspire others. I’d glad that you bought yourself a moleskin too, the best way to start writing again I think is to do exactly what you are doing.:P Maybe one day you should consider sharing some of those random thoughts on your blog.
      Anyway, it was nice to meet you too and I hope everything goes well with your canvas stretch. (I’m joking, everything will be perfect don’t worry. haha)

      p.s. The best thing about Cyanide and happiness is it’s twisted humour. I love it!

  2. *high five* on C&H’s awesomeness! It’s sooo dark sometimes – and yet I can’t help but laugh. Must be the fact that none of them ever wears pants? hehe jk.

    Hahaha – are you the one stretching it btw? To be honest, I have been feeling a little guilty about the canvas stretch since I got back. It’s sooo expensive! Gaahh. As much as I like prints, I really go cheap most of the time! Walmart prints led to this little thing above my desk:
    …and I was happy enough! cost me a quarter per photo. Not sure why I ever got that printed on canvas 😛 And not even sure if I am gonna end up hanging it anywhere in my current tiny apartment. ONE DAY I will know.
    PS. i really love the background here. “Framed” it just right with the eye – did you take it?

  3. If you are unsure, you can always call the store and ask them to hold it, or even cancel the order. We won’t hold it against you. And yes I did take the photo, thank you. Its taken from inside the Ponte di Sospiri (bridge of Sighs) in Venice.

    1. But I wouldn’t know what to do with it in the future anyway! It’s the only way forward I think! Yes, sleeping over it helped.
      Sigh. Haha had to wiki that bridge. Need to do a euro tour sometime on a bike! You in? 😛

      1. A euro-trip is definitely a future interest of mine, but not too sure about the bike. haha
        If you are interested in something like that though, you should check out

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