Gone, for a Little While

The greatest aspiration in life, in my opinion, is an adventure. When I was young, and dependent on my parents for everything, I would slip away and spend my time reading about adventure. Perhaps that was one of the reasons that sparked such a desire to become a writer. I could create, I could imagine , I could justify having adventures to share them at a later date. This is a moment when you learn something about yourself, when you can perhaps grow as a person. Perhaps your adventure will have some bumps, some mishaps and that’s even better for self discover.

My adventures have been a little tame lately, and evolve the more personal, mind exploring activities. Who am I, what are you going to do about the near and far future… Still important for self-identity, but perhaps more self-refining than discovery. Everyone needs to take a journey (or many) in their lives. We can get caught up in the day-to-day norm, perhaps we may begin to feel lax, or loose touch with a goal or version of the self that we once knew to be true. Day-to-day, I can sometimes loose appreciation for where I am in life at the moment. A journey, a step out of the ordinary, refreshes your perspective.

So when someone leaves your life for a little while, and sets off to explore or partake in an experience of learning, you must smile and let them go. Four weeks isn’t too long of a time, I know that it will fly by fast. But it is still strange when a person whose presence you are used to feeling beside you, is suddenly unreachable for a time. The man I love is gone on an adventure and I can’t wait to hear all about it. Until then I have to get used to that strange emptiness that settled in after he left to cross the Atlantic.
Sharing adventures does something strange to me. I become filled with this wonderful yearning for my own. I begin to un-cloud the future and fill it with visions of myself, exploring the places I am told by others. It gives me a direction and a goal. I will see the world, I will one day be able to understand what you are feeling when you reminisce and tell me of all the places and people who have inspired and amazed you.
Then I compile all I have learned, and share it back with a story.

4 thoughts on “Gone, for a Little While

  1. Adventuuuuuuuuuureeee!! I totally know what you mean. I am in this perpetual state of wanting an adventure. Every time I meet someone who went on some crazy adventure, I become so enamored right away. Perhaps temporarily, but I become a total fan boy really. One guy at work recently went to Base Camp in Nepal…(and apparently he proposed to his partner there too!)…and I went out on a bike ride with him just a week ago. Throughout the whole ride I think I just fueled my day dreams with his answers to my incessant questions.

    1. It’s a little bittersweet too, talking to someone who had such a great adventure. haha on the one hand, we get to hear these awesome stories. I sometimes wonder if all that I hear is true though. Perhaps that’s because the adventures of others are sometimes so beyond my comfort zone.

  2. Haha those are the very stories that interest me most. Because even if they are fictional, it tickles my mind and I think stretches the boundaries of my comfort zone a little 😛

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