I Give out Stories

I have this habit, and it comes and goes, about giving stories. If I am out riding my bike, or sitting on my porch, or even merely walking down the street, I am always giving out stories. The man in the loose business suit slurping an iced tea, crossing the street with headphones in his ears. What is your story? Are you just starting your new career, and perhaps trying to forget a stressful day through music? The boy who is dancing to his beats on the corner of the street, yelling the lyrics to “Funky Town,” where did you get so confidant? Did something happen to make you completely impenetrable to the judgment of others? Was it a religion? (this is true by the way, he was really giving a show as he walked down the street)

Everyone I see has this amazing back story. I suppose I do this to add colour to life, or perhaps it is to remind me that the people I see aren’t just strangers, but have complicated lives of their own. No one should be simply a part of the background of daily life. So tell stories as I walk. And then we all write stories as well. Why do we write? That is the constant recurring question.
Rene Descartes worried that reality was simply an illusion. What is the proof that we are living more than a dream? If our senses can be deceived, what can we trust? Stories. The hidden truths, the themes, the lessons of stories cut through the illusions and explore life to hit the nail on the head. I believe that any story told or read offers a powerful insight into the personality of humanity. Or perhaps they are commentaries on contemporary life and act as a warning (dystopias are a great example of this)
And we share our own stories. Perhaps it may be just an exercise in memory, or perhaps its to recall and relive moments of happiness. Perhaps we utilize our stories as a way to relate and link our experiences to others. Or perhaps its to re-fashion our own identity. No matter the reason, storytelling, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to understand, and cope with, the world around us.

Photo reference: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/The-mobile-storytelling-theatre-289932821


2 thoughts on “I Give out Stories

  1. I think we do tend to reflect ourselves on other people quite a bit – or I guess I do!?
    When I was much younger, having come from a large family tree of uncles, aunts and cousins on either side, I had always wondered about the extended families of anyone I found in isolation of a familial context. So the random people I would see on the streets, I would think about their uncles and aunts and what their relationship might have been like. It wasn’t an active exercise, but just passing thoughts that I became aware of at some point. Pretty weird eh?

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