The Little Demon on My Shoulder

Recently, i have realized that one of the best things a writer can do to keep them (me especially) excited about a project is to talk about it, with another writer. I know that technically I can share with anyone. But when you’ve established a confidence with another writer they always will ask the right questions to help develop your idea.

One of the questions I seem to struggle most with is: What is your story about? In ten seconds! …uh…

The fact that I couldn’t answer that question right away, or even the realiazation that i was uncomfortably wit sharing what my story is about, tells me that a) I don’t know my complete story yet. and b) I don’t trust the value of my story yet. I don’t have enough faith that what I have, can work. Will I be able to make an impact with my writing? Will my story say everything that I want to put into it? Or will it ave a mind of its own.

Sharing with writers, belonging to a writing community, inspires me to continue. If not, I find that it’s very easy for the ideas to collect dust in my brain and wither away into vague notions of something that once sparked excitement. I wish to continue being excited with my idea, and the more I share, the more I discover.

What is my story about?

It involves shifting identities, and power snatching, and disturbing revelations about the subtle ugliness of civilization.

It is Brave New World meets Harry Potter, the Hunger Games meets the Odyssey. Have I caught your attention yet?


art reference:


6 thoughts on “The Little Demon on My Shoulder

  1. if there wasn’t a video of this bear doing tricks I would never have believed it… he looks so tame and sweet! He’s like a big puppy that could kill you with one swipe. (morbid)

    And yes, you are rare haha. But that is a compliment. You should consider reading the Harry Potter series one day though. It is definitely a story you can get lost in.
    I have just finished the first rough draft of my first chapter to this story, I’m thinking of posting it here on my blog.

  2. I hereby declare cuddle-crush a phenomenon that is entirely platonic but real. I also declare that I have a cuddle-crush on this bear.

    I think I have come to the conclusion that I will have to read it with my kids (some day!) just so that I am a cool parent or something.

    Post away! I will pretend to be a critic! hehe jk!

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