Seducing Your Reader

There are so many different methods to writing the introduction, it can be difficult to distinguish which advice would work best for you as a writer. When it comes to academic writing, I was advised to write the introduction last. That way you knew exactly what to say because the rest of the paper was already written. The academic paper is simple: tell me what you’re going to say, say it, tell me again what you said; intro, body, conclusion. But the novel, the short story is different. I have found that in my writing, it is almost necessary for me to begin with the first few lines because that would set the tone for my entire piece.
You can start with a bang. The job of the introduction is to introduce the reader to your tale, as well as have them want to continue reading. It’s like meeting a new person, or employer, you give your best handshake, your most appealing attributes. You want them to want to know you. That is how I treat, or try to treat the first few paragraphs of any fiction.
“It was a morning like every other,” doesn’t have the same snatching power as “I woke up that morning screaming.”
Yet, there are so many different styles, and genres, and each one allows for a new methodology. Are there are rules? If there are, there is also the potential to break them. And why not? The greatest feat I hope to achieve is captivation. My favourite stories and authors have been the ones that cause m to loose sleep at night because I just can’t stop turning the pages. I want to be able to immerse my audience in a world that excites them. I want to inspire a love of words.

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