The Unfinished Masterpiece

You have this amazing idea, bouncing around in her head. It excites you, makes you forget about all the little things and your fingers ache to write the words. So you sit down and begin to form the sentences, and name the character and breath life into the idea. But wait! You are stuck on a word, a sentence, an idea, and ending. You begin to wonder what your ending should be and you begin to change your mind too many times. Now you decide to take a break and return when you’re ready. For me, this could be weeks or months or years. There’s a very good chance that this piece could become an unfinished masterpiece.

I have a folder on my computer that I realize is full of beginnings, sections of middle and no ending. There may never be endings to some of these stories. Am I okay with that? I’m not too sure. Recently I revisited a partially finished tale about a girl reflecting after a one night stand and I started to play around with the words. I just couldn’t seem to create something I was happy with. Perhaps, it is because, since then, I have grown into a different version of myself. I am a different writer today then I was last year when I began the piece.

When I write, my personality and emotions of the time are supplanted in the piece, subconsciously or consciously I’m not sure. When I write for catharsis, and stop… I understand that I will never finish that story. And it’s okay. Perhaps part of the writing experience is learning to let go of past endeavors when they just don’t work anymore. Or should I keep trying to finish my unfinished tales?


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