Zombies watching Fireworks

On a day when most of my age group was buying out LCBO and Beer store’s stock here in Ottawa, Canada Day was extremely relaxing and hangover free. This is mainly because I chose not to drink. But being sober has it’s definite benefits. It is always easier to observe the world when you’re not looking through beer-fogged glasses. A day at the beach, a nap and extremely sad but heart warming movie, the Hedgehog followed by a mission to see the fireworks at Parliament.

It had been a while since I have seen a place as crowded as downtown Ottawa was last night.  Roads were blocked, and there was noise and music everywhere. You would enter one section of the street, hear some fast beating house music, then walk a little further and sing along to some classic rock, than turn the corner and witness a stellar cover performance of Micheal Jackson’s Billy Jean.” There was an energy that was foreign to the usually quiet and conservative streets of Canada’s capital. And for once,the stereotypical politeness of Canadians was no where to be found as we navigated and pushed our way through the crowds to find an ideal spot for fireworks.

As I watched the fireworks light up the sky, and there were many beautiful styles that would blossom and shimmer, filling almost my entire vision, I of course couldn’t help but think of history. Fireworks are explosives. They are a power both deadly and beautiful that could kill you if you’re not careful but its so easy to forget that. They are the perfect example of cultural connectivity, beginning in China in the 7th century and spreading across the globe.But what I definitely couldn’t help thinking as I watched, was what would happen if this crowd of patriotic, red and white wearing, flag waving spectators, were a crowd of zombies. I think I would most likely have died in that situation.

There are a lot of people in the world. There are a lot of us that can do a lot of good, and a lot of bad. We could become zombies, focused solely on feeding ourselves, oblivious to the world around us, congregating in masses that care only of the frivolous, or we could be something else… the anti-zombie… the compassionate, attentive  human.


photo reference: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Canada-Day-Eyes-216095916


2 thoughts on “Zombies watching Fireworks

  1. Ah! The modern-day zombies …I recently read this strange interview of some Eastern European philosopher/writer (Renata Saleci, I think was the name) – where something called the ‘Tyranny of Choice’ was cited. Apparently, the near-infinite choices being offered to the consumerist society creates a (false) sense of control over one’s life – leading one to believe that they are truly in charge of his life. But from the pressure, stress and anxiety that such oceans of Choice produce – people turn into zombies (okay, I’m paraphrasing here!). Been thinking about it all day and couldn’t resist sharing.

    Nice, thoughtful post. Belated happy Canada Day!

    1. I have actually heard of that. And I fully believe it could be true. As a student, I’m faced with a wide road of possibilities, so wide that it is terrifying. Already I am afraid that I will fail to accomplish my goals for the simple reason that I’m uncertain if the choices I make are the right ones.
      Thank you for sharing!

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