Concerning Nostalgia, and Pacific Rim

What is it about the good memories of our youth that make us feel nice and warm inside. With a little bit of ache thrown in. Why is it that we find it so fun when we see a toy or game that used to be popular when we were kids, or the old movies we used to love? We watched “Pacific Rim” yesterday night. Large man-made robots piloted by humans vs. alien monsters out to destroy the earth. A lot of CGI, explosions and destruction, a very nicely done movie for the boys. No, I did not think I will categorize Pacific Rim, in my “must see again” movie pile, but I did enjoy it greatly. I enjoyed watching my boyfriend enjoy the movie.

He laughed, he smiled, he was completely drawn into the movie, and into his past as a child who enjoyed watching the power rangers. Yes, the movie was very much like the power rangers. There were even huge metal swords. 

So what is it about the past, our past, that can be so appealing? Is it the carefree attitude we held, the cast imagination to transform our lives into anything we wanted? As a child I wanted to be a detective, a painter, a figure skater, and Indiana Jones’ adventurer. And at the time it was all possible. Now I am narrowing my scope, and I realize that I can’t be all those things. The present is full of very real and impacting choices. Perhaps that is why we love to re-watch old cartoons, or take out the beloved stuffed animals or photo albums from the closets we store them in; to relive a time where everything was wonderful and the backyard could be a jungle, or a city to defend, or a world stadium field.

I do miss my youth. I think we all do. It never really leaves us though. Everything that we have lived through, loved, enjoyed, they have all combined to form our beings.

I miss having  those make belief adventures, yet now I suppose, I can have new ones. One’s that are real and involve big decisions where I may be able to see the world. 

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