The tips and tricks of the Writer

I have taken quite a few creative writing classes, talked to writers, read some autobiographies and blogs and lists, in which everyone offers a “tip” on how to write. The most overused, but apparently effective tip being, write everyday. Force yourself to write, one sentence, two, three… I have always found this a little difficult. I suppose I make excuses, tell myself that I need to live life and gain experiences before I write everyday. I honestly think that this tip is the best one to give, and also the hardest to follow. This tip requires strength of the ego. You need to believe in your capabilities, and hold fast to the reason why you write.

Tip two is to read often. Yet this advice, I have discovered, is a little controversial. Some say that reading too much can be lethal for your own individual voice. I say that in order to better understand the dynamics and structure of a well crafted tale, you should read. Inspiration can come in any form, and story telling is a great form of personal development. You recognize style, you can learn about what sort of author you want to be. Everyone has influences.

Number three: if it doesn’t feel good to you, then you shouldn’t try to get it published. I mean, you are trying to establish a name for yourself as a writer, and you should take pride in your work. This goes along with another favourite quote of mine: live to write, never write to live. Don’t write for the money, write for yourself, and be happy. Write something that you would want to read, that you can pick up in a few years and look upon fondly, while admiring how far you’ve grown.

This is only a short list, it is what has remained in my immediate memory, and what has affected me deeply enough to share with all of you. Yet, I am forever looking and asking for advice, so please share with me too.


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