Are you Sincere when you write?

I have started class once more. Summer is gone, and it is back to trying to squeeze in a bit of writing in between my school work and class readings. But because this is my final year, I decided to have some fun and take some interesting courses. So I am taking a literature theory class. Yes it sounds dull, but I figured that it is always wise to learn the fundamentals of anything, and if one wants to become a good writer, then one must learn how to understand good literature. At least, this is my reasoning. So the theory is a little dull, the course reading list sounds awesome (lots of ghost stories). There was something that stood out this week, however. The author talked about sincerity within the work. 

Sincerity resides within the text, and the body of work. It has nothing to do with the author wanting to be truthful. When one talks about sincerity, they mean writing with human emotion and feeling. It is where the author allows emotion to emerge implicitly from the words. This means avoiding the cliche. They are the easy way out, they make the work sound tired, weak and cheap. How do we describe an emotion? Using a cliche seems almost petty; you are ripping off the initial emotion of the one whom first created the cliche.

So try your best to omit them. FInd a new way to describe the event or setting in your work which causes you to search your own emotions and imaginations. Immerse yourself within your story. Then the words can spark truth and cause others to really respond to your piece. 

Of course, this is only my interpretation.




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4 thoughts on “Are you Sincere when you write?

  1. Hmmm – I have mixed feelings about cliches. Isn’t “don’t use cliches” itself one? 🙂 Hehe.. I kind of understand where the discouragement comes from, but at the same time why do cliches form in the first place? Isn’t it from an expression that a lot of people seem to connect to an experience of their own?

    1. I think it begins as a true statement, but overtime i feel the message becomes almost under appreciated. The underlying point of the cliche is still relevant, but people can grow tired of the same words, to the point that they can no longer understand the true meaning. That’s why i think it’s important to express emotions in new ways. Great questions!

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