Postcardese #10

They found each other in the prime of life. When their eyes met, it was obvious they were soul mates; and every opinion was matched with the others’.

But she thought he was ugly, and he despised her laugh.

They never saw each other again. Image

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9 thoughts on “Postcardese #10

    1. In my mind, I was wondering how many opportunities for love are missed due to superficial expectations. I understand that everyone to an extent, is shallow (myself included), but in a perfect world, the interior self would be the only important aspect of an individual.
      Thank you for the support!

    1. I’m not sure. I think the idea is very romantic, but there are so many ideas behind the soul mate, and so many different interpretations. Lastly, I think that the fact that the idea of soul mates is debated and questioned and wondered about so often, keeps the trope fresh.

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