The Maturing Author; the questions we ask

When do you pick up your pencil, or pen, or place your hands on the keyboard? Is it when you feel most productive? Or when you feel deep emotion and need a catharsis? Is it when you are bored? Is it when you are having a lot of fun? Do you take the time, or do you write whenever? 

When I have an idea, I don’t necessary write it down, I let it fester. I let it stew around and slowly i add characters, or events, or twists to the story. Sometimes I never end up writing these ideas down and they stay in my mind. I find that I create parallel worlds in my mind and leave them there. They are private, and although I would like to share them, I sometimes do not. Is it because I am lazy? Or is it because these stories I want to keep to myself? 

As a writer, do we write for our audience, or for ourselves? I suppose that is where I was going with all my previous questions. I have read many articles featuring authors, and their experiences after publishing. Some become nervous, anxious, and it becomes their job to write for the sales. Others don’t care and continue on as before. So what makes the difference? What is it that makes one author change and one remain the same? (At least when it comes to the reason for writing; commercial or personal) Perhaps the answer lies in your past. 

I have found myself beginning to tailor my stories. Instead of letting free thought develop, I find an open call for submissions, and write a piece to suit the needs of the publisher. Does this mean that I no longer write for myself? I like to think that if I finish with a piece that I am proud of, I am still writing for me. Perhaps it is all part of the journey. Eventually you interact more and more with your readers. You build a reputation and you write within the bounds you have created. 

There are so many questions to ask yourself.



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