The Year of 100 pages…In 80s Day

Happy 2014 Everyone! I hope that this new year has started well, with good food and something exciting. As for me, I started the year with family and love, then spend 5 hours on the road going back to Ottawa and my final semester of my Undergrad. It’s going to be a strange year, a year of endings and hopefully beginnings. I just hope I can get everything done.

New Year’s Resolutions can be a tricky thing. Although it is a great chance to start reinventing yourself and your habits, people tend to bite off too much. So my tip for the year is to make your resolutions manageable. Try to fit a resolution in with your daily life style, so although its a change, it can be gradual. Don’t day “I’m going to visit the gym every morning,” say once or twice a week. Stay manageable and fun!

So my resolutions:

1)Participate in “A round of Words in 80 days” its a great opportunity to dedicate myself to my writing, to set a manageable goal and actually meet it. If you are interested, the next session starts on January 6th, check out this blog:

2) Create a whimsical, and maybe slightly dark short story for the Black Cat Anthology. It seems like a very fun premise, but I’m having a little bit of writers block when it comes to a quirky and interesting idea, so if I can write something that I like and submit, I will be very happy:

3) I was challenged by my boyfriend to visit the gym once, and the rock gym once a week. I like working out, I love climbing, yet I tend to be lazy (especially in the winter, Ottawa weather is particularly cold and bitter) and make excuses. So this is a good way for me to stay on track.

What I want to know, however, is what you think of resolutions in general? Are they cliche? Or tradition? Is it worth it? Or is it something new we can promise and then forget because the tradition is so easily half-heartedly followed?

Cheers to a good year!


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