Starting out, The Trouble of Saying NO

So this is the first check in of the Round of Words in 80 Days challenge, and although I have begun, I have not utilized my time to the best of my ability, I’m sorry to admit. So far I have written 4 pages, with 6 more to finish by Sunday if I want to keep on my set schedule. Yes, not bad, but I had a lot of time these past two days and I hardly spend any time writing. 

I was drawn into, most willingly and quite joyfully, the world of “the Game of Thrones,” and binge watched six episodes in one day. Although I enjoyed the excellent storytelling, and I was having a nice time watching the show with a friend, I wasted six hours watching television and there is no way to justify this. 

So how do I say No? To television, to friends… what can I do to set aside a nice amount of time a day to my goal?  Some tips I plan to try:

1)Avoid home. I get way too distracted in my house. I feel that a good tip is to choose a space outside of the house where you can write with little distraction. Although I enjoy my roommates companionship, I want to give some priority to my writing to try and develop a good habit.

2) Write in the morning. Wake up early-ish, have a tea, eat and then go start your day. I find that the morning is fresh, there is little inclination to stop and snuggle under your covers in your warm bed, in desire to sleep. Once you are up you are up.

And that is all I have. I think I may need to some advice.



4/100 pages to go.


3 thoughts on “Starting out, The Trouble of Saying NO

  1. I can’t say for sure, not knowing what sort of writing you are doing yet, but perhaps your binge of television watching wasn’t so much a waste of time as a deferral of mental resources… or research? Studying and observing good story telling in action is a great way to figure out how to best create our own fiction.

    As for saying “no”, it’s a challenge for me too Your idea of getting away from home might be a good one, but eventually you might need to stay home and it would be good to know how to deal with writing there.

    Maybe if you enlist your friends’ help in setting aside some dedicated writing time?

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