The Trick is to Like the Story you are Telling

It will take me hours to finish this draft. Hours and days, weeks, maybe half-a-year (hopefully no more) but a nice portion of my life in 2014 will be spent thinking, writing, feeling and creating my character and her world. The trick is to create a character you like. So far, I think it would be fun to be friends with my character. She is a little deceitful, but never to the extent of hurting another, she is curious to a fault but that is how we learn and make those mistakes that help us develop as human beings. She is exploring the world that I am building, and as I write her story, the plot begins to take on a new life. Sure I’ve had ideas, but I find them constantly changing. Which is cool.

Bottom line is that I am enjoying this story. I am excited to write the next scenario my character falls into. There will be dangers and discoveries, and I want to write her reactions. The problem, I am finding, is when to do so.

This week I did not quite make the ten page goal, and thus I am slightly behind. I resolve to stop complaining however! the night is still young, i want to break 20 this evening. Wish me luck dear readers!


ROW80: 19/100


7 thoughts on “The Trick is to Like the Story you are Telling

  1. I encourage you to write when you are motivated to, and to rest and dream when the time calls for it, I am behind you all the way darling daughter!

  2. Speaking of your reply to John, I agree. There is an intensity in tone of voice that comes out when feelings toward a character run strong whether love or hatred. The worse thing for a story is indifference–if you can’t be risen to passionate intensity toward your own story, why would anyone else?

    Good progress…. even if you don’t think so. Having a direction and joy of pursuit is a good thing!

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