The Pros and Cons of Daydreaming

I was a day dreamer when I was young… okay I still slip into my mind often. In the sixth grade I was particularly known for it, the teacher would actually stop class and play a game with the rest of the students: see how much time passes before Stephanie notices that we are calling her attention. Sometimes it would take up to five minutes before I snapped out of my dreams.

I remember I had a desk next the window, and I would stare out and imagine myself as Huckleberry Finn, sailing away and having adventures. That was what I craved. Life was starting to become too mundane, too focused on academics and the future, even at such a young age. Students were beginning to have “crushes” social interaction became important, and the preparation for high school was high in the minds of every teacher. I just wanted my adventures.

I don’t think it was terrible of me to slip away. Sure I missed information, which would probably have been lost due to memory and time anyway, but I was cultivating something much more important for my future as a writer: an imagination.

Okay, so I will admit that there is a time for daydreams, but I refuse to embarrass someone who likes to slip away. I would imagine myself as a traveller visiting awesome and mystical lands full of the unconventional. I would create worlds to play in, or insert myself into my favourite television shows or books to interact with my favourite characters.

And now that I am all “grown up,” I still daydream. But I dream about my stories, and my characters, and future scenes planned in my head when I’m bored and staring out the bus window. An active imagination is a good thing.


ROW80: I managed to sneak in a few pages these past couple days. It was my “break time” between bouts of working on class assignments. I am still a little disapointed I am behind, but feeling a little better.

23.25/100 pages to go


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5 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Daydreaming

  1. I am a chronic daydreamer, though these days I do manage to limit to times when I’m on my own, like on a bus, or at home. The problem is, like you say, the world inside my head is far more interesting than the one outside of it.

    1. Sometimes I worry that the most exciting things that will happen to me, will exist only in my day dreams. But perhaps our day dreams are only a start, and from them we can work on making our lives a little more interesting 😉

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