Am I Telling too Much?

As I write my story, I am following the narration style of third person limited view. So I write from one or two perspectives, and must focus on revealing character through action and dialogue, rather than “telling.” But I am finding it a bit of a challenge. I wonder sometimes, as I write, if I am telling too much. Am I revealing information that my character normally wouldn’t know? Am I doing a decent job showing?

There are an abundance of different styles found in the various published books of our century, and the ones before. In our time, the piece of advice that I always am given by any writer, or in any creative writing class, is to show not tell. But I wonder sometimes, if that is really the better style?

It is hard to always show a characters interior thoughts in third person. I can give clues to their emotion in how they position their bodies, or through facial expression, or even how they treat their surroundings, but sometimes I find myself also needing to reveal their thoughts, and tell a little.

So then I worry. Am I telling too much? And then: is that really so bad?

So for Round of Words in 80 Days news, I have 38 pages done. So 62 more to go. The task is getting less daunting, and I am so excited to reach 100 pages! I still don’t know if I will meet my goal in the remaining days, but I resolve to keep writing until I do.


Facial_Expression_Study_by_signedupPhoto reference:

(The bottom right face I find so striking)



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