A Glimpse from Yours Truly

I am sick. And I absolutely hate it. I am so light headed, it is hard to properly think. I can hold a thought for about ten seconds before my head reminds me to be sick with a constant pounding. I was really hoping to get away clean this winter, but I finally succumbed to the common cold. Thus, I am saying little this post, and rather I thought I would share a snippet from the pages I have been working on.

This is about 38 pages into the story:

“Thus her eyes darted in every direction. She took note of the windows that were boarded or free, and did her best to stay hidden by shadow. Her dark scarf she now wrapped three times around her head, covering as much of her features as possible.

Gwen cut through an alley, and easily manoeuvred her small body through the tight space. Feet stepped light, ears focused on every sound, she slid against the wall and pressed herself flat. But then she heard footsteps on pavement. Around the corner of her passage, someone was strutting, and the sound was heavy; belonging either to one who had the right to walk the streets, or to a fool who knew nothing.

Beads of sweat formed on the back of her neck, her face grew warm from the thick knit of the sweater. The person had stopped at the corner of the building, blocking her progression forward. It was a man. She could see the outline of his back, and quickly noted the square shoulder and tapered chest. He was close, only a few feet ahead. She didn’t dare move. She even shortened her breath, hoping to cause as little noise as possible, and willed him to continue walking. But the man merely shifted his weight into a more relaxed stance, and fumbled through his pocket. He pulled out a little wooden pipe, and struck a match.

The quick light illuminated his face for only a moment, but it was enough. Gwen lunged forward, grabbed a handful of jacket and pulled. The pipe dropped and split its handle on the stone, but before the man could utter a cry, she slapped her gloved hand over his mouth. Eyes widened in terror as she pressed her face close to his.”

But what did she say! I shall never tell! (unless I am lucky enough to get it published one day, after a lot of editing, I am sure.)

So tallying the pages for the Round of Words in 80 Days challenge, I am at 46 1/2 out of 100.



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