The Break that Killed my Buzz

So this past week was my reading week, a break from school that they include in the semester to give students time to relax and regain their bearings. Yet it was the worst thing to happen to my writing streak! Of course, this is my fault. I lost my routine. Previously, I planned my writing time around my school and work schedule, yet with so much extra time off, I began to procrastinate.

I barely wrote for three days. I relaxed, I chilled, I lay, I hung out, all the while thinking I had so much time left. Then I realized I had three assignments of varying degrees of importance, and suddenly all my free time was absorbed by academic necessity. I am not proud. In fact, I am utterly ashamed.

The best thing I can offer is that I furthered my story board and planned a few more chapters. That at least is my consolation for utterly failing at writing pages this week. Ugh, I’m so embarrassed.

So my tip for fellow writers, is to never forget to plan time to write! Whenever there is a break in your routine, make sure you give yourself an hour to write. In the morning before anything else happens, or at night, when your comfortable and relaxed. Or during the day, it’s your call.

I best leave you now, I am still in the middle of meeting deadlines. Hopefully next post I will have better news.

Round of Words in 80 Days Count: 67 pages, 33 left… I am so close, yet I find myself having to wind down.


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