Grammatic or Linguistic?

Is it important to be the most precise, the most accurate, the most grammatically correct when you write? Is it a crime to be a comma off, or to misuse a semi-colon here or there? In some cases, yes. When it impairs with your communication, if it means that someone will misread the tone of your sentence, yes.For many hilarious examples, click this.

There is a need for good grammar, although it can be annoying when your editor highlights fifty-different mistakes on one page. To communicate effectively will make for a better story.

But then, there is the opposite side, which is the use of bad language and grammar deliberately. The novel Push by Sapphire, makes excellent use of linguistic style and bad grammar, to personalize her narrator. We gain a better understanding of the character through the way the novel is written:

“I was left back when I was twelve because I had
a baby for my fahver. That was in 1983.1 was out
of school for a year. This gonna be my second
baby. My daughter got Down Sinder. She’s
retarded. I had got left back in the second grade
too, when I was seven, ’cause I couldn’t read
(and I still peed on myself). I should be in the
eleventh grade, getting ready to go into the twelf
grade so I can gone ‘n graduate. But I’m not. I’m
in the ninfe grade.”

So there is a time and a place for grammar and language. It is up to the writer to decide upon their language, which has much to do with narration style. It can add confusion or clarity.

On “Round of Words in 80 Days” news, I am back on track, and have completed 73 pages, with 27 more to go!! Home stretch is near, hooray!



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2 thoughts on “Grammatic or Linguistic?

  1. I agree – the voice and personality of a character is too important for a pendant approach – as long as it is understood – I have come across this in transcribing oral history – it what someone dictates is ‘tidied up’ the whole flavour of a person can be lost

    That tree is amazing – want one – all the best:)

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