Conflict as Motivation

Although it would be nice to live life with no worries, to lie on a beach and never have a worry further than when to take another dip in the ocean. That is my eventual retirement plan, I hope. But until then, conflict is an inescapable in ones life. Things happen, plans change, confrontation happens, and perhaps we fail. And it can suck. Really badly.

But then Ms. Frizzle’s catch phrase comes to mind: “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy.” Conflict, if we decide to spin it, can help develop who we are. Mistakes are made so we can learn. They happen so our perspectives can change.

So it is of upmost importance to create conflict for your characters to struggle through as well. Test their limit, challenge how they see their world. Their reactions can make for some great character development. It creates interest, as overcoming hardship is a theme that inspires hope. The struggle will inspire suspense, as your reader will wonder what will happen next. Will John or Jane Doe overcome what they need to?

How will the conflict define your character, and will it? These are important questions to consider when plotting your story. Will your character be changed, or stay the same?

For more information (a.k.a. a semi-long but helpful article) click this.

As for my pages, I have been writing here, and there. A few sentences one moment, a paragraph in another, but I have yet to be able to dedicate a good chunk of time. But tomorrow is a new day, and I will have the house to myself, so here’s hoping the words will flow.

ROW80 count: 76/100



2 thoughts on “Conflict as Motivation

  1. Yes, I know you always write beautiful ideas and great stories, they come from experience, but also from imagination from within!

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