Hung up on the Small Things


I am doing so bad, aren’t I? I know this post was due yesterday. These next couple weeks are the last couple weeks of the Round of Words challenge, but it is also crunch time at University, with three term papers coming up. I feel like breaking out into laughter, hysteric laughter of course.

But, I have just spent the last hour and a half writing. The time seemed twice as short, and passed by in a flash, but looking back at my progress, I had only managed to write two pages. Is this a good amount? Is this considered fast or slow for a writer?

Too me, I think that’s pretty slow. I get hung up a lot on small details which tend to stop my fingers from typing for a few minutes to more than five. What do I call my created city? What do I call this new character? This new area? Names, places, descriptions even, they take my brain for a ride.

I will share with you this great site I’ve been using for finding names:

I have written 88 pages. So close! But Time is running out.


photo reference:


9 thoughts on “Hung up on the Small Things

  1. A friend gave me a plaque with the following quote: “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.” Writing is writing, whether it’s 10 words or 10,000. Congrats!

    1. Thank you 🙂 That does put things in a more positive perspective. I suppose when you put so much thought and work into writing for a few hours, you expect to be rewarded with a nice word count. I think I need to rework my way of thinking.

  2. I found an interesting way to come up with names. I take 3 or 4 letters from the first name and the last 3 or 4 letters from the last name and combine them for a one name appellation. So for instance: Bob James could be either Bomes (pronounced in two syllables) or Obmes. It’s made for some interesting names.

  3. Everyone has to find their own rhythm. Some are happy using asterisks when they can’t think of a name and coming back to it later. For others, like yourself, it pulls them up short. I prefer the stream of consciousness type of writing and leaving the details and editing – lots and lots of editing – until later.

    All the best with the work for university and your writing goals.

      1. Absolutely! I do like to know what to call my characters. A friend of mine felt she had to change one of her main character’s names. It definitely can present challenges once you’ve come to think of them by one name.

        I also put stock in the meaning of names . . . even if it’s something I never share with my readers.

  4. Sometimes, I can be unbelievably fast, with the words tripping over my fingers in their haste to get onto that screen. Other times, I dream my way through, way more slowly than your tortoise up there.

    Those slow scenes can end up being every bit as brilliant as the fast ones.

    For me, it’s the life in the words that really matters. The count is more or less just a guideline. It’s the life that counts.

    You’re 88 pages to the good, and with school in the mix! That is an accomplishment to be very proud of, already!

    May you enjoy the words you create, in whatever number!

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