It is Done: Round of Words Challenge Complete

This morning I finished 100 pages of my story. I looked at the word count of my computer, and the number 100 seemed so foreign, so unusual to see in a Word document. I did it. The story is far from complete, in fact the plot is still just beginning. And I am so, so, excited to keep going.

The Round of Words challenge gave me something that I sorely needed to start work on an idea that had been drifting around in my mind for the better part of a year: a deadline. But more than that, the challenge offers support, and encouragement.

It is excruciatingly hard to create and maintain deadlines for yourself. You can be your own worst boss, constantly granting extensions, accepting every feeble excuse, providing no pressure, and in my case, little motivation. But it is true what they say (and by they, I mean the advice books, interviews…etc) that one needs to write every day. With the ROW80 challenge, I did write everyday. Personally this was my greatest accomplishment.

There is something so rewarding about struggling to put words on a page. Your mind may ache, you may grunt in annoyance, or throw your pencil in frustration, for it can be a battle. But when you reread your words, and realize that the words flow, and sound good, and convey the message in your head, it is wonderful.

Why is it so wonderful? What is it about writing that makes us want to ache and grunt and throw pencils? Why do we like to put ourselves throw the hard ups and downs of submitting work and receiving rejection? It is a question I have been asking myself for a while now. If anyone has an answer, please, please share!



4 thoughts on “It is Done: Round of Words Challenge Complete

  1. *releases confetti; offers cookies and beverage of your choice*

    You DID it! =)

    WAHOO, You!

    Personally, I never want to throw pencils when I write anymore; frustration tends to dam up my writing. I’m learning to make it all play; to come to the computer several times each day, and to have many options while here. And I keep a favorite game or two on tap, because playing with patterns that way is fun, gets my mind to see patterns in what I’m trying to write, and allows things to simmer.

    The coolest thing for me in ROW80, early on, was seeing all the different ways people approached their goals, and noticing hat resonated with me. At some point, I started to get a much clearer idea of how *I* tick, and now, I can focus my writing energies toward that.

    Hope to see you for Round 2! =)

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