Shaping up. What Comes Next?

Perhaps, if you have been following my Round of Words in 80 Days challenge, you will be aware that I had reached my goal of writing 100 pages in 80 days. What next? Well, the important conclusion I have acknowledged is that I must now refrain from writing, and plot the rest of my novel. Near the end of those 100 pages, things were starting to get a little more complicated. I found my ideas beginning to intersect, and I came to realize that soon I would have to lead into answering the questions I introduced earlier in the story. Where is my character going from here?

I left the 100 pages in a cliff hanger, and I am excited to write the next chapter, but there should be a plan at this point, and thus, after I finish my final academic paper of the term (due April 11th) I will be plotting. There will be challenges; I foresee it. However, it is worth it to know where you are going in a novel. Writing non-stop is great, but I worry that my narrative and story will begin to become nonsensical. Hence, my near future plan to have all ___ chapters (haven’t decided how many there will be in total) by the end of May.

In other news, I have had an article accepted onto Thought Catalogue. Check out my “3 Tips For Keeping Your Confidence As a Writer.



One thought on “Shaping up. What Comes Next?

  1. Congrats on the acceptance! It certainly sounds like you got your character up a tree and perhaps thrown some stones too. The tricks is always figuring out how to get them down. Good luck!

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