It’s time to Write

Now that I am done with my undergraduate degree, (yes, done! Completely, and awaiting my graduation information!) it is time that I finally jump back on to the writing wagon. These past couple weeks i’ve definitely been taking it easy, and unfortunately i’ve only written a page. Admitting to that statement has made me cringe. I have however, plotted the next few chapters of my novel, and have added development to a particular character’s backstory. A very talented writer friend once advised me that although you may not be sharing all the information with your reader, you as the author still need to know everything. You are the god of your creation. I am working on being a very comprehensive and thorough god, but it is still slow going. I realize I need a deadline: enter ROW80.

Goals for this round (which I am joining late)

1)Plot five chapters a week until done. This will be a major accomplishment for someone who has never finished a writing project, or it’s ideas and plot, for anything longer than 15 pages.

2)Write 5 pages a week. This goal is a little less ambitious than my last round. I found myself beginning to write with less and less of a plan, crafting and asking questions with no clear answers yet in my plotting. To rectify this, I will tone down the writing for now, and up the storyboarding.

3)Finish my two short story ideas. I came up with a couple ideas yesterday and friday that intrigued and excited me, but if I leave it alone in my mind for too long, the energy and motivation will slowly vanish…

I am looking forward to attempting to meet these goals. Today I found the perfect cafe that I will make my writing base. It has large windows, it is situated on a main street with a lot of walking traffic, and everything is vegetarian and homemade!

I wish you dear readers, good luck with your own goals, personal or business, or whichever. Cheers!



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