Stream of Consciousness, Impossible on Paper

I seem to have this problem. When I am out and about in the world, I am free to imagine and work my mind. Thoughts tend to usually gravitate towards my stories, unless I am in one of my “scared of the future” moods. Inside myself, I speak for my character, and the words sound right, the setting is painted, and I am happy. But then the translation is a poor imitation on paper.

From the mind to the page, one of my greatest struggles as a writer. How do we go about this? Do we carry a notebook in our backpacks and purses, a pen and paper in our pockets, forever ready to jot our thoughts before they run off and escape us? Or can we never truly capture our thoughts?

Goal progress,

1) Spent a good three hours tuesday researching and writing one of the two short stories. Wrote about five pages, and am excited to continue and finish it. I have a clear plot and a decisive ending. One thing I have learned, climbing mount Kilimanjaro is no where near the adventure I thought it would be. Everything is basically done for you. You rent your own cook, guide, and porters to carry your gear and set up your tents, and clean up the site as you try to climb ever upwards. All the work, and that struggle that makes a human feat like climbing a mountain so satisfying, is lessoned. What is worse, you CANNOT climb solo. Tanzanian law requires that you work with a registered agency, and that you hire the appropriate amount of people. On the one hand, you contribute to the economy, but on the other hand it seems so soft, like it is only a half-adventure. But what say can I have, my only experience with mount kilimanjaro is through the web.

2) Failed at the plotting. I haven’t worked on the plot to my novel in a few days. Will have to rectify this by the next check in. Also in the middle of trying out different titles, which I am no good at…


The_mountaineers_by_johannaphoto reference:


4 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness, Impossible on Paper

  1. I write in my head as I drift off to sleep. Sometimes I actually remember word for word, but most times I remember general ideas. I generally am not upset by this and believe something is better than nothing.

    Have fun plotting. Hope it goes well. 🙂

    1. That is very good point. I am happy the ideas come, but finding the time and words to write it down can still frustrate me. I will try to remember your positive comment however. Thanks 🙂

  2. I agree – so frustrating to catch those ‘perfect’ words- nigh on impossible:(

    There is an Anita Shreave book ‘A Change in Altitude’ or something like that – about climbing Mt Keyna when the characters had to do all that hiring etc but there was still challenge enough to satisfy . Look at Everest, okay it is easier but that doesn’t mean its not difficult and it is still an adventure:)

    Isn’t the web great for researching something like that:) all the best:)

    1. That is very true. I won’t know the extant of the challenge until I try it myself. Which I am actually inclined to do a few years from now 🙂 And thank god for the web! Thousands of pages of information at our fingertips.

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