Challenge of Building a World

One thing I have noticed, as I write my unnamed novel, is the accumulation of facts. World building is such a fun, creative endeavour, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep the facts straight. I am building a community, and with it comes specific laws, organizations, city sections… etc. It can be frustrating to keep everything in order. One helpful recourse is to write the details down in a separate document. A list of sorts that includes names, positions, laws, settings, and history. Knowing the back story is vital. It helps you set the tone of your world. At the moment I am in the progress of figuring out the specifics to the catastrophe that created my dystopian society.

In other news, Round of Words in 80 Days goals:

1) Finished the first short story. I am going to send it to my trusted readers and then start looking for venues to submit it. If anyone has any suggestions on where to submit stories of the horror genre, do tell šŸ™‚

2) Plotted four chapters, almost reached that goal. The farther I get with the story, the more excited I am to write. Debating whether or not I should stop plotting and write the chapters I have, or continuing with the planning.

All in all, I had a great, productive day yesterday. I hope everyone’s goals are going well.



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