An Ode to My Mother

Please don’t worry about me mom. I know I need to call more, and it seems like I get a lot of colds. I know I always seem thin when I come to visit, I eat well, I promise. I cry over all the little things, but that’s all it is, just little things. Don’t worry about me mom, I’m honestly okay. How can things not turn out okay, with a mother like you?

You taught me to hope for that brighter morning. You told me not to let the little things matter, so eventually I don’t. Eventually.

You are there with your arms open wide like a net, ready to catch me if I fall or fail. Perhaps that is why I’m so far away. Perhaps that is why I like to galavant off across the sea and explore places unknown to me. The fear of that unknown is less because of you. When you trust in me you give me strength. You raised your daughter well, please don’t worry.


As I map and sail the waters of my life, and they start to churn, forcing me to navigate through a storm, I know you are manning the light house. I know you are searching and encouraging, wishing you could take my place. You wait for me in the eye of the storm, and then help guide me out. All storms pass mom, don’t worry.

I know that you wish I were closer, but Mom I think about you every day. You are important and I love you.

Happy Mothers Day!


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