The perspective of “Better”

What is “better” and what is “worse?” Can these words really be applied properly and objectively? During a conversation with my boyfriend yesterday, it came to me, a rapid realization, that nothing is better and nothing is worse. Everything just is, and we supply the labels based on our own experiences, and the traits that we prioritize. He is taking a course called “The History of the Future,” which sounds really spectacular and I almost wish I wasn’t graduating so I could take that class as well. During the late medieval and renaissance periods, they rediscovered the classical era of ancient Rome and Greece, classified their civilizations as better and proceeded to study and emulate classical scholars, thinkers, architects, etc, within their own lives. They shaped their world views using Plato and Aristotle as guides. Classifying the past as “better” brought great changes.

What do we consider “better?” What do we emulate and use to try and improve our own lives? This is where we must be critical in our thinking and decision making. Using the descriptors, “better” and “worse” can be dangerous due to the power of the better over the worse. It can have a negative as well as a positive affect. This country is better than that country, so let’s stigmatize the worse country. A decision like that can easily lead to fear. This is better than that, but is it really? Whose standards are we using and where did they come from?

In lighter news:

So I have yet to start a word count. I have been slowly, too slowly plotting, but I am still determined to finish the plot to my unnamed novel by the end of May, so I will set a new writing goal soon, I promise.

My short story, entitled “Eight days to summit,” I recently submitted, so finger’s crossed. If rejected I have a couple more venues to try. I’m trying not to worry, there’s nothing to do but wait for an answer at this point. 

Yesterday I came up with another idea for a new short story, so I will be writing out the idea and working on details today. 

Found a great site for writing prompts here, some sound so fun, I want to make a challenge around these writing prompts. Cheers to my readers and to every writer out there!



5 thoughts on “The perspective of “Better”

  1. Best of luck with your submission! Plotting always seems to take more time than I planned for. It’s sneaky thing. Hopefully you can get that knocked out sooner than you think.

  2. I’ve been writing short stories also. They’re a great medium but a challenge at times. Best wishes with your submission and your new idea!

    Hope the novel plotting goes well too. Have a marvelous rest of the round!

    1. Thank you! And yes, it can be really hard to write a complete story in only a few pages. What I find most challenging is making sure that my readers understand my point. haha

  3. Stephanie,

    I’ve spent a lot of time pondering that same question.

    I think humans have a tendency to leave two words off the ends of a great many sentences. What are those words?

    “…for me.”

    It’s rather dangerous to assume that what’s better for me is also better for you. It assumes a level of familiarity with the circumstances of others we can never truly have.

    I tend to frame my own choices in light of the principles I strive to live by, and the ideals I would like to measure up to. These are personal; it’s taken me over 4 decades to see that I don’t have the right to impose them on anyone else.

    They’re mine.

    My your pondering and plotting be rich and fulfilling, and I’m sending good vibes for your story-child out there in the big wide world.

    And, because, you know, I’ve got nothing ELSE going on, I’m gonig to pop over and check out your prompt link! =)

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