Is it a Problem to Enjoy the Sun?

Disregarding the fact that sun rays shoot down harmful UV light, is it really so wrong to enjoy the sun? These past few days have been beautiful, and I have been spending as much time as I could enjoying the weather. Yesterday, I went on a lovely, and tiring hike with my boyfriend. There were a few too many stairs, and it was a hurtful reminder that I need to work on my endurance, but we circled Pink Lake, Gatineau, Quebec, and it was beautiful. Why do they call it Pink lake? Well the water’s green not pink, so it’s tough to figure out unless you known the history of the lake.

The day before that, on Victoria Day, I spent a lovely afternoon galavanting in a park with some friends, tossing frisbees, softballs and soccer balls. And I barely worked at all on my novel… Two chapters in three days. I suppose that it is not a complete failure. I have been working on dialogue simultaneously, and in doing so, trying my best to ignore the sun.

What is it about change that can either stimulate us or hurt our productivity? A routine is a great resource, but perhaps it can cripple us as well. While in school, I found it ridiculously easy to schedule writing in among my busy schedule. Now, when I have two whole days off a week, its surprisingly hard to focus. Can I blame the weather? The lovely thing about summer is the spontaneity that it allows. I have no routine on my days off, and I am not sure how to implement one with the distraction of sun and warm weather.

Thus, my goal of finishing the plot of my novel is inching along. June is around the corner and I hope to start a word count. I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather!




6 thoughts on “Is it a Problem to Enjoy the Sun?

  1. Stephanie,

    I find that those away from writing times pay large creative dividends later.

    In July, my kids and I will be on a 4 day camping gathering with other unschoolers. I will likely write very little. I’ve learned to be okay with that. Once we’re home, after days of driving, swimming, hiking, and general outdoorsery, we’ll be tired…and, in those vegging days that follow, I will dream, and things will simmer and connect-

    And then, at some point – zowie! The words and ideas will pour forth..

    I tend to look less at each day than at the general flow. It helped a lot to recognize in advance those times I’m unlikely to write, and planning for them. Then, if I do manage some wriitng, it’s a bonus, and there’s no guilt at all if I just give myself to the living of the day…

    I hope you reveled in that sunshine and freedom. What’s good for the soul is good for the writing, if you ask me?

    1. You are so right. Those times away from the computer, out and about, gives us the experiences we need for inspiration. I seem to always forget this for some reason. I hope your camping trip is a breath of fresh air for you πŸ™‚

  2. well, speaking from UK, we don’t get enough sunshine usually to ignore it when it comes – soak up the goodies that come with sunlight – we concentrate too much on the harm – sense and enjoyment can walk comfortably together:)

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