Little steps, Big steps, at Least your Walking

Slow and steady. Or at least slow, that is how I would describe my progress in plotting my novel. This week I plotted three chapters, a far cry from the chapter a day goal I wished to reach. They are small steps, but it is still a progression, and one should feel proud of any progress they make.

Success should not be measured by quantity. Success should be measured with a much more personal rubric. Do you feel as though you are accomplishing something? That is what is truly important. Success should not be measured against another. That will only make you forget the small steps you yourself have taken. I’m trying to remember this myself.

Of course one can always do more, but this way of thinking can overwhelm you as well. At my age, many of my peers have graduated university and gone on to find some great jobs and opportunities. Sometimes I feel as though I am lagging behind. I have friends who are travelling, having adventures, teaching english overseas, or being a part of great internships, or even finding great jobs in their fields. But everyone travels at their own pace. Everyone’s story is written differently. We have to remember that the small steps count as well.

Our little successes we should never just brush away. This week one of my short stories was rejected, but I also made some great connections and am on track to potentially receiving a great volunteer position in my field. A small victory, but if we focus on what wasn’t done, or what wasn’t accomplished, I know I, for one, would be hogging the bottle rather than sharing it in celebration with friends. And celebrating is always better than wallowing.

So cheers to your successes, small or big, as long as we are stepping forward.


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2 thoughts on “Little steps, Big steps, at Least your Walking

  1. Here’s to the successes, big and small. And congrats on making those connections. 🙂

    It’s hard not to compare ourselves to others, because it’s ingrained into us from childhood – school tests, sports, etc. But you’re right, there’s nothing to be gained from comparisons. We’re all unique. There’s only one You, and no one can fill your shoes the way you fill them. So, it doesn’t matter what hour path looks like. If it feels right, if it is what you want, if you are making decisions that fit with who you are and where you are heading, then that’s all that matters.

    All the best, and thanks for your comment over on my blog. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful post. Thanks for visiting so it led me to discover your blog. Plotting three chapters sounds like very good progress to me . . . and I really liked that visual art and the postcards. I read somewhere that many writers process ideas visually. Perhaps all is art! Small steps. Persevere! May you have a very good week.

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